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Clear My Desk

today's message is dedicated
in memory of my father,
Dr. Irving Chinitz,Eisser ben Moshe Aaron
by miri nakash

              The pressure was building and Joseph seemed to be cracking under the weight of so many tasks that just had to be done. His friend and co-worker Gad noticed a change in Joseph's usually cheerful demeanor and friendly nature. After holding back for several weeks Gad felt it was finally time to intervene.
              ”You know I love you or I wouldn't mess in your lifestyle", he said.
              ”Not now", Joseph retorted in a short tempered tone, "I already have my wife and kids telling me what to do. I certainly don't need you to turn on me also".
              “I am not attacking", Gad responded calmly, "I am just trying to help you beat the system".
               "I don't get what you are suggesting", a curious Joseph replied.
               "It's really very simple", Gad said. "When a person is under pressure he must get away from it all and ease his mind for a while"
                "Are you kidding", Joseph snapped. "I can't get through a day with time for lunch and you want me to consider a vacation. After I clear my desk I might get away but right now that's impossible. Besides, who can afford a vacation at today's prices?"
                 "I take a vacation every day", Gad retorted with a smirk on his face." I spend one hour in the synagogue  in the morning before I head in to work and one hour at night after I have dinner and some time home with my wife and kids. You may not believe it but those two hours away from this world learning a little Torah is like a free vacation daily".
                 "That's a great idea," Joseph agreed, "and when I catch up on my work and get the desk clear I might join you - but now that is impossible".
                  “In Pirke Avot it says that one should never say. וְאַל תֹּאמַר לִכְשֶׁאֶפָּנֶה אֶשְׁנֶה, שֶׁמָּא לֹא תִפָּנֶה : when I get free I will learn because you may never get free (Avot 2, 4) The way to get free is to make time to learn in your busy schedule and you will feel free when you do. I know it is not logical but it is sound advice. I share this wisdom with you because I love you, my friend. Trust me try it".
When the times get tough, my friends trust me - TRY IT!

One More Second
Another thought for the day

There are people who want to do good to others; for a person enjoys doing good to others, meeting a friend is a source of joy.
Chazon Ish, Emunah U Bitachon, Emunah chap 11.


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