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During the year a Jew is required to fast several times. The only Fast commanded by the Torah is Yom Kippur.The destruction of our Holy Temple in Yerushalayim prompted our sages to institute four days of prayer and repentance. Fasting on those days is meant to atone for sins and prompt our hearts to positive resolutions about our future conduct.
On the day before Purim we fast - as our forefathers did when evil Haman's decree of genocide was discovered. This is the time honored weapon of preparation for war. They shook the heavens and the decree was annulled resulting in the upside down victory over our enemies. The day of destruction resulted in a day of victory and rejoicing for all generations.
Analysis shows that this fast is different than the others in many ways. One lesson we could learn is the significant difference between Judaism and all other religions. The others believe that there is a distinct separation between the physical and the spiritual. This dichotomy is brought into practice by abstention from the physical pleasures by those who serve as their "holy" leaders. Judaism teaches the opposite.The Torah teaches that the highest forms of holiness can come through material matters.
One of the key misvot of Purim is to eat and drink.We are not expected to fill our bellies for personal enjoyment. We are expected to transform the act of eating to a higher form.
On Yom Kippur we prepare by eating extra on the day previous to the fast. On Purim we fast on the day before we sit to eat and drink. The sages teach that Kippurim is able to be understood "like Purim".We compare the lower to the higher. We face a big opportunity. We fast today to reach a high level of spirituality. We eat and drink tomorrow on Purim to go to an even higher level.
Has-hem wants us to enjoy His world and to use all its beauty to get closer to Him. Today we do so by abstaining from food and drink. Tomorrow we go higher by partaking of Has-hem's bounty. ENJOY!This Email Message Has Been Dedicated:
In Memory of
Leah bat Stella a"h
By her daughter
Sally Wahba


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